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John Gushue is the digital senior producer with CBC News in St. John's.

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Weekend Briefing

Fickle townies, a Jack attack and Justin's coattails: St. John's East is back in play

It's hard to believe now, but St. John's East used to be the safest of Tory blue seats. As John Gushue writes, the volatility of the voters there is renowned, and is giving this year's race some pep.
Weekend Briefing

Larry Dohey was unforgettable. We can honour him by protecting the archives he loved

You may think of archives as dusty and dull. Put those thoughts away, and act on the passion that the late archivist Larry Dohey brought to local history, writes John Gushue.

A hell of a racket: When you're powerless against harmful noise

Disruptive, ignorant noise-makers can sap all the joy from life, whether you're on an idyllic beach or in the safety of your own home, writes John Gushue.
Weekend Briefing

The real scandal over municipal costs in metro St. John's isn't managerial salaries

A cluster of cities and towns have all been pushing their own developments on the Northeast Avalon, leading to a planning mess that will cost us for many years to come, writes John Gushue.
Weekend Briefing

This ain't no blood type: Why our new credit rating is no reason to smile

The credit rating agency Moody's had a curious reaction to Newfoundland and Labrador's plans to have a balanced budget in four short years, writes John Gushue.
Weekend Briefing

A short life for a tall fence, and an opportunity to play spot-the-politician

A fence meant to shield the Signal Hill Tattoo from noise turned into a hot but brief political racket, writes John Gushue.
Weekend Briefing

Something's wrong with our sentencing system, and these 2 cases prove it

Two simultaneous court cases underscore how society still does not take sexual assault seriously enough, writes John Gushue.
Weekend Briefing

Shades of grey: Why politicians are aiming for easy votes and missing hard conversations

A pointed exchange in the legislature over denied campaign access to personal-care homes speaks volumes about which voters matter to politicians, and which do not, writes John Gushue.
Weekend Briefing

If you want to help democracy, buy a newspaper

There are far fewer journalists working locally than there were decades ago, writes John Gushue. That means fewer leads, fewer calls and less accountability of public institutions.
Weekend Briefing

After this wild election, both Ball and Crosbie are in rough spots

There are bound to be some awkward conversations in both the Liberal and PC camps this holiday weekend, and maybe a little horse-trading too, writes John Gushue.

5 provinces have changed governments in past year, and N.L. could be next

A surge in support for underdog Tories has added a twist to Newfoundland and Labrador’s election campaign, writes John Gushue.
Weekend Briefing

How a governing party can be turfed even if it wins more votes

While polls are showing a tight race across the province, Thursday’s election may come down to a series of dogfights in particular districts, writes John Gushue.
Weekend Briefing

Ches 'I am a new broom' Crosbie and his plan to win over NDP voters

While positioning himself away from his own party's recent past, the Tory leader is also hoping his platform's left flank will appeal to New Democrats.
Weekend Briefing

Sheer cynicism or just plain politics? How Dwight Ball gave an unwanted Easter present to his opponents

While the opposition blasts him for "a rush job" of an election, Dwight Ball timed the election call to help himself and hurt his opponents, writes John Gushue.
Weekend Briefing

Here's the juggernaut Ches Crosbie will have to fight like hell to overcome

The PCs won all the byelections after the last general election, but they now face a wall formed by more than two dozen Liberal incumbents, writes John Gushue.