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John Gushue is the digital senior producer with CBC News in St. John's.

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Weekend Briefing

If you want to help democracy, buy a newspaper

There are far fewer journalists working locally than there were decades ago, writes John Gushue. That means fewer leads, fewer calls and less accountability of public institutions.
Weekend Briefing

After this wild election, both Ball and Crosbie are in rough spots

There are bound to be some awkward conversations in both the Liberal and PC camps this holiday weekend, and maybe a little horse-trading too, writes John Gushue.

5 provinces have changed governments in past year, and N.L. could be next

A surge in support for underdog Tories has added a twist to Newfoundland and Labrador’s election campaign, writes John Gushue.
Weekend Briefing

How a governing party can be turfed even if it wins more votes

While polls are showing a tight race across the province, Thursday’s election may come down to a series of dogfights in particular districts, writes John Gushue.
Weekend Briefing

Ches 'I am a new broom' Crosbie and his plan to win over NDP voters

While positioning himself away from his own party's recent past, the Tory leader is also hoping his platform's left flank will appeal to New Democrats.
Weekend Briefing

Sheer cynicism or just plain politics? How Dwight Ball gave an unwanted Easter present to his opponents

While the opposition blasts him for "a rush job" of an election, Dwight Ball timed the election call to help himself and hurt his opponents, writes John Gushue.
Weekend Briefing

Here's the juggernaut Ches Crosbie will have to fight like hell to overcome

The PCs won all the byelections after the last general election, but they now face a wall formed by more than two dozen Liberal incumbents, writes John Gushue.

By the numbers: We break down the key figures in Tuesday's budget

A drop in the net debt, a hike in overall spending ... and other numerals you need to know.
Weekend Briefing

That brutal budget a few years back? Dwight Ball wants you to forget about it entirely

The deficit reduction levy, a doubled gas tax, closed public libraries — they're all things that Tuesday's budget aims to purge from public memory, writes John Gushue.
Weekend Briefing

Is St. John's broken? Nope, but it has big fixes that need to be tackled

Keeping downtown vibrant, getting density right and improving transit are all worthy ideas, and they all need work, writes John Gushue.
Weekend Briefing

We're in a population time bomb, and it's been exploding in slow motion

Consider this: for almost every four babies born about 60 years ago in Newfoundland and Labrador, there's just one today.
Weekend Briefing

An early election? Get ready for one, and all the wildcards that come with it

There's political gossip in the wind: the Liberals might be itching to go to the polls earlier than expected.
Weekend Briefing

Who's abusing cocaine and painkillers? Not the people who may first come to mind

If you think that young adults are bearing the brunt of drug deaths, you're wrong.
Weekend Briefing

Oil prices have dropped like a boulder, and that's got to be a migraine at Confederation Building

Here's why Tom Osborne's nerves may be on edge these days.

Inspiration. Turmoil. Puffins. The stories you clicked on the most in 2018

Some are light, others are dead serious. Perhaps the only thing these dozen pieces have in common is that they were read and shared the most.