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'A great honour': Johannes Lampe sworn in as Nunatsiavut president

Johannes Lampe is now the third president since the Nunatsiavut Government formed in 2006.

Nunatsiavut President

6 years ago
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Nunatsiavut's new President, Johannes Lampe, took the oath of office on Wednesday.

There was a packed house Wednesday in Nain to see Johannes Lampe take his oath to officially become president of the Nunatsiavut government.

"My fellow Labrador Inuit, it is a great honour to stand before you as your new president," Lampe told the crowd. 

Lampe pledged to work on building relationships between the federal and provincial governments and the Nunatsiavut people, "to better understand the needs of the Labrador Inuit."

"The three parties [to] the Inuit Land Claim Agreement have an obligation to make the Labrador Inuit Land Claim Agreement work," he said.

Lampe said the main issues for Nunatsiavut are housing, poverty, mental health and suicide.

"I believe that we can raise above those issues that we face every day together and I believe together we are stronger," he said.

Lampe says he will work on building a positive relationship with the provincial government. (Jacob Barker/CBC)

Passing the torch

Outgoing Nunatsiavut head Sarah Leo also participated in the swearing-in ceremony — her last formal act as president.

She wished Lampe the best of luck and said she will continue to work for the people of Nunatsiavut.

"I will remain a strong and ardent supporter, and advocate for the Nunatsiavut people. I will always stand up for our people wherever and whenever circumstances dictate," she said, shortly before Lampe was officially sworn in. 

Lampe was acclaimed as president, so no election was held.

He is the third president since the Nunatsiavut Government was first elected in 2006. 

Johannes Lampe and Sarah Leo share a presidential hug. (Jacob Barker/CBC)