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Jiri Slavicinsky: The captivating world of José González

Young visual artist José González has captured the reality of living in St. John's with an eye for detail, and humour.
A look at visual artist José González in a sound doc by Jiri Slavicinsky 5:50

Young visual artist José González has captured the reality of living in St. John's with an eye for detail, and humour.

González grew up, and studied, in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He ended up in Newfoundland in the fall of 2009 after having hitch-hiked across Canada. 

You might have seen his drawings and comic strips in the Overcast and the Scope, and on posters of the St. John's music scene or in local galleries.

CBC freelancer Jiri Slavicinsky took his microphone and went with González two years ago to the seaside, the streets and the bars of St. John's — the places where González finds inspiration for his work.

Jiri Slavicinsky's sound documentary has been combined with González's drawing in the video above.

Since then, González has co-edited (with local publisher "Pink Eye") "Loaded" and "Fantasma" two small books inspired by his experiences in bars in downtown St. John's.

After that he took a year off to travel around South America, Canada, the United States and Mexico. He is currently finishing two different long length graphic journals inspired by those trips.

"Occasionally I contribute to The Overcast (a monthly local cultural newspaper) doing covers," he says. "I do posters/artwork for local bands and in the spare time, I entertain the masses with random artwork/work in progress through social media."

The video above was edited by Jan Sipek.


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