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Jeremy Eaton: My new year's resolution is to fail

New year. New me. New round of personal failures.

This is going to end poorly

For 2017 CBC reporter Jeremy Eaton aims to fail.

CBC News Newfoundland

4 years ago
'Jeremy Jumps In' launches in the new year 1:32

New year. New me. New round of personal failures. 

For 2017, I have set the bar as low as I possibly can.

I have set my sights on failure.

In the new year, CBCNL's YouTube page will feature a short series about me getting out of the building, getting out of my comfort zone and sucking at a lot of different things. 

Jeremy Eaton says he is no stranger to failure, but in 2017 he intends to do it on camera. (Bruce Tilley/CBC)

Jeremy Jumps In will see me try to clown around with Wonderbolt Circus, dive in with Mount Pearl Marlins and fall flat trying to keep up at Cygnus Gymnastic training centre. 

With any luck, out of the people who fail in 2017, I'm hoping to get the highest mark. 

You can check out a promo of just how terrible I am in the video above. 


Jeremy Eaton is a reporter and videojournalist with CBC Newfoundland and Labrador.