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Frontier star guzzles beer, dazzles spectators with axe-throwing skills

Frontier star Jason Momoa stopped by Jack Axe's on Friday, putting on a show for the crowd with some long-range bull's-eyes.

Actor Jason Momoa of Frontier and Game of Thrones is making a mark in St. John's

Frontier star shows off axe throwing skills in this video from Instagram, edited to remove swearing.

5 years ago
In an Instagram video Jason Momoa strikes a bullseye 0:24

Adrian Beaton said he had a big surprise come through his door on Friday, when Frontier star Jason Momoa showed up at his axe-throwing business Jack Axes.

Beaton said the six-foot-three hulk commanded the room, drawing the attention of all patrons as he showcased his axe-throwing skills for the crowd – and the cameras.

Jason Momoa shows off his axe-throwing skills on Friday night at Jack Axes. (Jason Momoa/Instagram)

​Momoa asked someone to start filming him before giving a plug for the axe-throwing bar, taking a mouthful of beer and chucking an axe into the bullseye — from well, well beyond the regulation line.

"I gotta give him a lot of credit," Beaton laughed. "The whole commercial thing, we didn't even ask him to do that. He was just like, 'Take a video of this! Take a video of this!'"

In a separate video, Momoa can be seen walking to the far end of the room and firing a full-size axe at the target, some 30 feet away.

"It's not about getting the rotation, it's not that difficult to throw an axe," Beaton said. 

"But I don't know a lot of people strong enough to throw it that far."

The actor, born in Hawaii and raised in small-town Iowa, is best known for his role as Khal Drogo in the HBO series Game of Thrones. He's in St. John's filming the second season of Frontier – the fur-trading period drama from Discovery Canada and Netflix by Take the Shot productions, the company that produced Republic of Doyle.

Momoa's character on Frontier, Declan Harp, is a fur-trading outlaw with a penchant for gruesome violence — often involving axes.

Away from the screen, Momoa is known for his outgoing personality and interaction with fans, something noted by Beaton on Friday night.

"He's a nice guy, a great guy. He's a giant presence, that's for sure."