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Jane Adey hosts CBC Radio's The Broadcast, and has worked for many other CBC programs, including Here & Now, Land & Sea and On The Go.

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Sheep made of seaweed have tourists, locals flocking to Bonavista gallery

Barbara Houston's ocean-inspired art is something you've likely never seen.

Scientist says DFO may be overestimating N.L. cod stocks by 35 per cent

George Rose is warning that an increase in fishing activity will setback the recovery of the stock.

N.L. regulators watching closely as B.C. requires life jackets on fishing vessels

Fishers in British Columbia now have to wear life jackets on the decks of fishing vessels, and safety advocates and regulators in N.L. are taking note.

'I'll teach her': Mom proud to show daughter the ropes of fishing

At one time, Jasmine Paul couldn't wait to get away from outport Newfoundland and the fishery. Now she sees rural life and fishing as her future.

A robotic crab-cutting machine nabbed a U.S. patent — and a St. John's team invented it

"We're doing something that nobody else in the world is doing," says Robert Verge of the Canadian Centre for Fisheries Innovation.

'If you can't beat 'em, eat 'em.' Cooking up ideas for green crab cuisine

Would you eat green crab pizza? A Fortune Bay fisher hopes so. She's cooking up creative cuisine to battle an invasive species destroying her lucrative lobster fishery.

Where in the world is the whale? Researchers hope tagged whale keeps transmitting

Whale researchers excitedly following the journey of a humpback headed north were surprised when its tag began working again in February.

How far can a young seal swim? Scientists aim to find out

DFO has placed satellite tags on 12 "beaters" — named for the way young seals swim by beating their flippers in the water — to track their movements over the next year.

Fishing for an alternative to plastic? Fish guts could be a green solution

Chemistry student Courtney Laprise has been cooking up a solution to single-use plastics. Her main ingredient? Oil from fish guts.

Seal meat takes centre stage at Quebec culinary festival

Dealing the seal: chefs at restaurants in Quebec are celebrating seal meat during a culinary festival called SealFest.
The Fix

What can Fogo teach us about revitalizing rural economies and culture?

Don't have a fancy, multimillion-dollar inn in your town? There are still things communities can learn about rural revitalization from the success on Fogo Island.

Preparing to ditch — a new way of training for helicopter emergencies

A St. John's company and the Marine Institute are collaborating on a helicopter simulator they hope will better prepare offshore workers for emergencies in the air.

Looking for an ocean-connected career? This company says there's a huge demand in shipbuilding

Jane Adey's latest installment in our series called The Fix looks at job opportunities in the shipbuilding industry.

Building blocks of ocean food web in rapid decline as plankton productivity plunges

Basic ocean food critical for the whole ecosystem is in dramatic decline, and scientists don't know exactly why.

Axed jobs and closed plants loom, warn crab harvesters about new management approach

Crab harvesters are nervous a new management approach for snow crab will bankrupt the industry.