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Rare election challenge for one of FFAW's top jobs

An outspoken Southern Shore fisherman may shake up the provincial fisheries union with his plan to seek the No. 2 job, writes Fisheries Broadcast host Jamie Baker.

Dwight Ball: Fortune misled on details of OCI plant deal

Liberal Leader Dwight Ball is accusing the provincial government of misleading people in Fortune over the details of its deal with Ocean Choice International (OCI), and the promise of 110 full-time jobs for that community's fish processing plant.

Harvesters raise alarm over appearance of red herring near Vale plant

Fishermen in Long Harbour say they are worried about the appearance of bloody, red-coloured herring they're seeing less than a week after Vale's smelter operation in the town started pumping effluent into Placentia Bay.

Coast Guard insists marine safety will 'improve' under new MCTS system

The Canadian Coast Guard says worries raised about marine safety as a result of the modernization and consolidation of its Marine Communications and Traffic Services (MCTS) centres is unfounded.

Annual seal meal a winner for chefs, served to sold-out house

Mallard Cottage in St. John's was sold out for an annual seal dinner, prepared by some of the province's and country's top-end culinary experts, writes Fisheries Broadcast host Jamie Baker.

Gail Shea's stance on shrimp allocations may be softening, MHAs say

Newfoundland and Labrador's all-party shrimp committee says there are signs federal Fisheries Minister Gail Shea may be starting to soften her stance on how the valuable northern shrimp resource is shared in the province.

Fortune plantworkers say work scarce, call for OCI to live up to deal

Plantworkers at the Ocean Choice International (OCI) plant in Fortune say the company is not living up to it’s promise to provide 110 year-round jobs at the groundfish processing facility in the community.

Carino not buying seals this year

Carino Processing will not be buying seals this year, but company CEO Dion Dakins says the decision is geared to improve the industry’s and the company’s viability in the years ahead.

Slight price increase for crab, although some quotas cut dramatically

The stage is wet for the 2015 crab fishery in Newfoundland and Labrador, although the news is a mix of good and bad depending on where you live, writes Fisheries Broadcast host Jamie Baker.

Shrimp fishery reprieve? Industry proposal would avoid cuts this year

In a surprise move, the offshore and inshore shrimp fleets have unanimously approved a plan that would see no cuts to shrimp quotas in fishing areas off the coast of Newfoundland and Labrador this year.

Cod fishery extended into spawning season … again

Inshore fish harvesters on the south coast of Newfoundland are accusing DFO and the FFAW of using the guise of science to allow large company-owned trawlers to catch cod during a time that is traditionally closed for cod spawning.

Quinlan’s lawsuit: defendants say 'secret' info not secret

Two of the defendants in a lawsuit filed by Quinlan Brothers Ltd. say they have not misappropriated private company information, and that the plaintiff has itself disclosed some of the information in question in the past.

Fishery fund benefits big players, few fishermen

A $16-million provincial fund that was created to provide funding for all aspects of the fishery has almost exclusively benefitted academic institutions, unions and big players on the processing side of the industry, not the harvesters who work directly on the water.

Quinlan’s suing former workers, Daley-owned firm for $1M

One of the province’s biggest fish processing companies is suing two former employees and a competing firm for $1 million, alleging they have “misappropriated, disclosed and made improper use” of “confidential information and trade secrets.”

Province pumping $90K into fish tagging, science

The Centre for Fisheries Ecosystems Research (CFER) is getting $92,850 from the provincial government to help with ongoing work around cod, halibut and mackerel science.