New Jamaican restaurant in Corner Brook spices things up

A new Jamaican restaurant in Corner Brook is serving up more than food. It's selling a Jamaican experience.
Chef Kirk Myers cooks up authentic Jamaican cuisine. (CBC)

A new restaurant is tempting taste buds in Corner Brook. 

A Taste of Jamaica opened its doors on Wednesday and according to chef Kirk Myers you get more than just a meal when you visit.

"We're not just selling food, we're selling Jamaican hospitality and we're selling an experience," said Myers.

The menu includes many authentic Jamaican dishes. There is saltfish, and other fish such as escovitch and ackee, and a section dedicated to jerk, called the 'jerk pit'. 

Myers said the palate of Newfoundlanders and Labradorians is changing and people are more open to try things other than meat and potatoes.

The chef will also tailor your dish to your taste, ​Myers told CBC Radio's Corner Morning Show.

"A number of persons always think that Jamaican food is horribly spicy. It is not. The flavour is full-body flavour," said Myers. 

Taste of Jamaica opened in Corner Brook on Wednesday. (CBC)

Myers said the long history of trade between Jamaica and Newfoundland makes cooking here a lot like cooking at home.  

"It's just that my technique is a bit different so Newfoundlanders can identify their ingredients and at the same time appreciate the difference in taste and texture," said Myers.

The new choice of cuisine is exciting news for customers Steve Mugford and Jim Parsons.

"I guess I'm like the quintessential foodie. This is new options for us here in Corner Brook and I'm pretty excited about it actually," said Mugford.

"All these international flavours coming to town is fantastic," said Parsons

Myers said that he has met many people who are familiar with Jamaica which makes him feel at home in the province.