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Jake Doyle's last ride: Social media reacts to Republic of Doyle finale

After six successful seasons, Republic of Doyle's final two-hour episode aired Wednesday night.

The end of Newfoundland and Labrador's favourite crime show

One of the photos shared on social media shows a devoted fan with a Republic of Doyle tattoo. (Instagram)


If you didn't catch last night's episode of Republic of Doyle, do not read!

After six successful seasons, Republic of Doyle's final two-hour episode aired Wednesday night.

The episode saw Jake and Leslie battling it out with the Chevaliers and corrupt politicians one last time.

The first of the two final chapters began with Jake on trial for murder, which was a big part of the promotion leading up to the finale.

Many viewers were perhaps surprised when Jake was found guilty. However, it turned out that the judge, played by Andy Jones, was being blackmailed.

Jones wasn't the only familiar face in the episode, with Rick Mercer and Mary Walsh joining in for the grand finale as well.

With the cops hot on his tail, Jake had to deal with death threats against his family, stab wounds and the constant threat of jail time.

Last call

Along with the usual sleuthing and action, the conclusion of the show had many dramatic and emotional moments as well.

The relationship between Des and Tinny finally reached a climax, as did that of Jake and Leslie.

When the show closed out on Wednesday night, viewers were brought two years into the future.

As Des and Tinny were getting married in the final moments, Leslie held two children which presumably belong to Jake. Mal then turns to Jake and asks him if he is happy.

Doyle replies: "I wish this moment would never end."

A collective "me either" could almost be heard from the many fans of the St. John's-based show who tuned in on Wednesday night.

Viewers took to social media, as they always did, throughout the final two episodes. The #doyletweets hashtag had become a tradition for those watching the show, allowing them to share their thoughts and opinions in real time.

Many lamented the end, while others simply expressed their thanks to the cast and crew for six years of entertainment.

Kaitlin Payne, from Labrador City, wrote: "Sad to see the show ended, but loved the ending."

"What will we do on Wednesdays now?"

Those sentiments were repeated over and over, by viewers in and outside Newfoundland and Labrador.

A song by Alan Doyle closed out the final episode.

One of the lines in the song was "this is the moment that we've been waiting for."

Long time fans of the show may have been sad to see it end on Wednesday, but for a province that embraced Republic of Doyle for six great seasons, they'll likely be waiting a long time to see something like it again.

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Geoff Bartlett


Geoff Bartlett is an educator and journalist in Corner Brook.


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