Jacob Barker


Jacob Barker reports on Labrador for CBC News from Happy Valley-Goose Bay.

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Regula Schule's family relieved but angry after death of her accused killer

Schule's family in Switzerland have been waiting years for a trial to give them answers, and hope those might still be forthcoming.

Lawyer for Justin Brake asks judge to dismiss criminal charge against reporter

The lawyer representing reporter Justin Brake, who entered the Muskrat Falls site while covering protests in 2016, is arguing that the court should throw out a mischief charge against his client.

Inuit help Innu, as Nunatsiavut lends support to Sheshatshiu suicide crisis

Social workers from Nunatsiavut are on the front lines in Sheshatshiu, helping people deal with the community's suicide crisis.

Hopedale runs out of gas while Nain gets its fill

Fuel delivery was expedited to the northern Labrador community of Nain, while another coastal community has now run out of gas.

Loss of vision doesn't keep this Happy Valley-Goose Bay carver from his craft

John Neville carves in spite of his vision loss.

No warning given as Nain runs out of gas for 1st time, AngajukKak says

AngajukKak of Nain Joe Dicker says it's the first time the community has ever run out of fuel and that normally they are warned when the levels get low.

'Thriller-Gram' service axed by St. John's dance group due to allegations against Michael Jackson

A St. John's dance company is dropping the song Thriller's music and the choreography from its repertoire because of the allegations made against Michael Jackson.

Fundraiser aims to help Foxtrap family of 6 ousted from home by 'traumatic' fire

An online campaign has raised more than $2,000 for a Foxtrap family as of Thursday evening.

So many spuds, so few buyers: Happy Valley-Goose Bay farmer says selling local isn't easy

The operator of a potato farm in Happy Valley-Goose Bay says government money has helped boost his operation, but he's having a hard time selling his product locally without buy-in from both retailers and consumers.

Happy Valley-Goose Bay, then and now, showcased in immersive photo experience

From surveyors on the land in 1894, to the Happy Valley-Goose Bay Chamber of Commerce in 2018, a new historical photo project aims to educate people about their town's history.

Innu Nation asks federal court to quash NunatuKavut agreement with federal government

The application also challenges NunatuKavut's Indigenous identity under Canada's Constitution.

Province flying stranded ferry passengers stuck in Rigolet for 4 days

The provincial government will provide flights for 19 passengers stranded onboard the ferry in Rigolet since Monday.

Suspended health board chair out for good after bullying, harassment investigation

Boyd Noel was asked to step aside in November 2018 after allegations prompted two investigations by the provincial government.

Worker injured in partial building collapse in Wabush industrial park

The accident happened Tuesday at Labrador Rewinding.

Time served for English man who threatened to kill everyone aboard flight diverted to Goose Bay

Edward Myhill, 31, of London was given 15-day concurrent sentences, considered served by his time in custody after being arrested in August.