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Hockey NL president Jack Lee under fire over allegations of favouritism

Jack Lee, president of Hockey NL and owner of Blizzard Hockey, has been asked to resign after numerous complaints of unfairness and favouritism.

Canadian Hockey League Players’ Association founder wants Lee to step down

Jack Lee is president of Hockey NL, and owner of Blizzard Hockey, a private sports development program in St. John's. (CBC)

Jack Lee has come under fire for operating Blizzard Hockey, an independent hockey development program in St. John's, while serving as president of Hockey NL.

Glenn Gumbley, founder of the Canadian Hockey League Players' Association, has called for Lee to step down over allegations that he is in a conflict of interest.

"We are asking that you step down immediately from your position as president of HNL so that parents and families within HNL's membership can restore their faith and confidence in HNL," Gumbley wrote in an email to Lee on Thursday.

Gumbley also brought his complaint to Tom Renney, president and chief executive officer of Hockey Canada, claiming that Lee is "using his private enterprise to his advantage as president of HNL."

Gumbley said players enrolled with Blizzard Hockey often find spots on elite teams sanctioned by HNL, "even though many of the players in question may not have the skills to play at a higher level."

Gumbley said he's received "numerous" complaints from parents, prompting him to speak out.

His emails can be found on the players' association website.

CBC News contacted Lee on Friday.

He declined comment, saying he had not seen the Gumbley emails.