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Industrial fire at Central Metals in Gander

Police and fire crews were at the scene of an industrial fire in Gander on Monday.

Police and fire crews were having a hard time putting out an industrial fire in Gander Monday afternoon.

Crews have been at Central Metals on McCurdy Drive since 10 a.m.

Fire Chief Paul Fudge said there was smoke billowing from one side of the building, but crews had a hard time getting to the building to battle the blaze.

"We made entry there and tried to knock the fire down but because of the accessibility on the outside, the high snow banks, trailers backed into the building and that, it's very difficult right now to get the fire out," he said.

Fudge said there are numerous recyclable materials in the facility, sending toxic fumes into the air.

St. Paul's Intermediate and Gander Collegiate closed for the afternoon as a precautionary measure to the smoke.

There is no word on injuries or the cause of the fire.