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Illegal caribou hunting evidence found in Labrador

The Department of Fisheries and Land Resources confirms evidence of illegal caribou hunting has been found in Labrador.

Fish and wildlife enforcement officers found evidence of 13 harvested caribou

Evidence of illegal caribou hunting was discovered this week in Labrador. (Submitted by Katrina Noel)

Evidence of illegal caribou hunting has been found in Labrador, according to the Department of Fisheries and Land Resources.

Officials confirmed to CBC News that fish and wildlife enforcement officers received a complaint this week and conducted a patrol in the Birchy Lake area.

The patrolling officers found evidence of about 13 harvested caribou. 

The department said in a statement Thursday that officers from Quebec's Ministry of Forests, Wildlife and Parks are also involved in the investigation; it is not yet determined whether charges will be laid.

In 2013, the provincial government announced a five-year ban on caribou hunting to help preserve the George River herd in Labrador.

"Fish and wildlife enforcement will continue to monitor and enforce the George River Caribou ban," the department stated Thursday.