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If Alberta can go orange, so can we: Earle McCurdy

Albertans have elected their first NDP majority government and Newfoundland and Labrador NDP Leader Earle McCurdy says he hasn't stopped smiling ever since.

Albertans have elected their first NDP majority government and Newfoundland and Labrador NDP Leader Earle McCurdy says he hasn't stopped smiling since.

McCurdy said the NDP victory in a historically Conservative territory is proof that anything is possible in politics.

"I think it's a great day," McCurdy said. 

"It will certainly give tremendous confidence to our supporters, but having said all that the Newfoundland and Labrador election will be decided by Newfoundland and Labrador voters, on our issues and the platform of the candidates — and I'm rearing to go," McCurdy said

McCurdy said he's trying to campaign the way the NDP in Alberta did by stating policies clearly and sticking to them.

"[Rachel Notley] took control and she won the debate hands down and she had such a firm, clear, composed, consistent message that she delivered in a pleasant and forthright manner and I think there's a lesson in that for all of us."

The Alberta NDP and its leader swept the vote, taking 70 per cent of the seats in the legislature.

The NDP's win brought 44 years of Tory domination to an end in Alberta.

McCurdy won Newfoundland and Labrador's NDP leadership in March. The party currently has three of the 48 seats in the House of Assembly. 


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