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Online database for Inuit art looking for Nunatsiavut artists

The Inuit Art Foundation supports artists across the country.

National foundation is looking for artists from Nuntsiavut to have their work preserved online

Holly Andersen is the Nunatsiavut Liasion for the Inuit Art Foundation and takes photos from her hometown in Makkovik. (Submitted)

The Inuit Art Foundation is looking for Nunatsiavut artists to add to their growing online database, which highlights Inuit artists from across Canada. 

The IAF's goal is to broaden the public's awareness of the history of Inuit art and to connect artists with researchers or anyone who is interested in the art an artist creates.

Holly Andersen, the Nunatsiavut liaison for the IAF, is looking for more Nunatsiavut artists to include in that database.

About 20 artists are already represented, but Andersen said she knows there are many more who could be included.

"I'm trying to get a few people signed up right now," she said. 

"I know Bronson Jacque, he's a really talented artist, Jessica Winters  there's a whole bunch of people that are really good at they do and this is the best way to showcase our artists."

It's a great way to show people what we have to offer.- Holly Andersen

The online database is a place for artists to store and promote their work for anyone to see.

"It shows the picture of your work, a picture of yourself if you want, and a little blurb about yourself — where you grew up and anyone that may of influenced you for the work that you do," said Andersen.

The importance of showcasing and preserving Inuit Art

Andersen, who has her own work in the database, said that having your work stored there can lead to some interesting opportunities.

"I'm actually in an exhibition coming up in Montreal in October," she said. 

"It's featuring all Nunatsiavut artists, so a few of us are going to that. It's a great way to show people what we have to offer."

The database could also be helpful in the preservation of Inuit art, she said.

"Some of our elders who are really good at sewing and when they pass on, I would like for people to be able to look at the work that they did because they might of influenced younger artists and I would like people to see that."

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