Nfld. & Labrador

Hurricane Irene may hit N.L.

Forecasters are warning that Hurricane Irene could blow into Newfoundland and Labrador early next week.

Storm gaining strength Wednesday as it tracks towards the U.S.

Hurricane Irene approaches the Bahamas in this NASA satellite shot taken Aug. 23. (Courtesy NASA)

Forecasters are warning that Hurricane Irene could blow into Newfoundland and Labrador early next week.

They say Irene could strengthen into a category four storm by the time it comes ashore in the U.S.

Weather trackers say that may happen this weekend in North Carolina.

Experts said Irene might roll up the East Coast and into Canada between late Sunday and Tuesday.

They said it might affect areas anywhere between Montreal and Newfoundland.

Hurricane Irene was classified as a category two storm Wednesday morning.

Many people are still recovering from the effects of the hurricane that walloped eastern Newfoundland last year.

Hurricane Igor caused widespread damage to homes, businesses, roads and bridges when it made landfall on Sept. 21. The death of one man on Random Island was directly related to Igor.