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Hot dog leads to ticket and a tow for woman in Bay Roberts

When police responded to call about dog left in 26 degree heat, they discovered the owner of the car also had offences under the Highway Traffic Act.

RCMP warn pet owners that 'someone is always watching' if you leave animal alone in vehicle

Leave the window down, and have a supply of water for the animal to drink, if you leave your pet in a vehicle, police say. (Jeff Stapleton/CBC)

It was double trouble for a woman in Bay Roberts who was reported for leaving her dog inside a car on a hot day, while she was inside a restaurant.

RCMP were called around 2 p.m. Thursday by a concerned citizen who reported that the animal had been inside the vehicle for 20-30 minutes.

While the windows were cracked, the heat of the day and the lack of wind meant temperatures inside the car could have been 40 degrees or more, according to Corp. Bill Miller.

There was no water in the car either, which Miller said is a requirement, and the dog — which he described as a medium-sized mixed breed — could have perished.

When the dog owner left the restaurant she was ticketed under the Animal Health and Protection Act. Police also discovered she had offences under the Highway Traffic Act, so the vehicle was towed.

The animal, which the woman said was a rescue dog, was returned to her — with a lecture about proper care — Miller said.

Co-incidentally, the Bay Roberts detachment received a similar call minutes later about another dog in a car, but the owner of that animal had the windows open, had left the doors unlocked and had left water.

It goes to show, Miller said, that if you leave your dog in a car, "you can be sure someone is always watching."

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