Horse owners on guard after two barn fires in one day

Horse owners say two barn fires on the same day in an agricultural area of St. John's, one of which killed 10 animals, have made them nervous.
Sarah Hall rushed to the side of her horse, Rudy, as soon as she heard about Monday night's fire. (CBC )

Horse owners say two barn fires on the same day in an agricultural area of St. John's have made them nervous.

Several horses escaped the first fire Monday morning. But a second fire late Monday killed seven horses and three goats.

When Sarah Hall heard about the second blaze, she rushed to the Willadell Stable where her horse, Rudy, is kept. Willadell is near the site of both barn fires.

"I was absolutely terrified," said Hall. "I immediately thought about him and had to come out and just make sure everything was OK. Like, I can't imagine if anything happened to him or any of the other horses here."

Hall said many other horse owners also rushed to Willadell Stable to check on their animals.

"Very scared, very nervous right now," said Melissa Williams, whose mother Madeline Williams owns the stable. "A 24-hour watch has been put out because at this point we don't know, it could be us (next)."

The first fire broke out in the Goulds are of the city Monday morning. No people or animals were hurt but the barn was destroyed.

Police were alerted to the second fire by a motorist who flagged down an RNC cruiser at 10:38 p.m. on the Ruby Line.

By the time firefighters arrived on the scene, the structure was engulfed in flames.

Low water pressure, which also hampered crews fighting the earlier fire, meant firefighters had to make several trips to get more water. The barn was on property serviced by a well.