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'People are being shown no mercy': Online evictions raise alarm in Ontario

Evictions were suspended until late summer and the Landlord and Tenant Board is now working through a backlog of cases that observers say predated the pandemic, and has grown this year as more people lose income.

Toronto legal clinic asks city's top doctor to suspend evictions during the pandemic

A Toronto legal clinic has written to the city's top doctor asking that she suspend residential evictions amid the second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Toronto education workers call for expansion of asymptomatic COVID-19 testing pilot

Toronto education workers are calling for the expansion of an asymptomatic COVID-19 testing program that revealed outbreaks in local schools, as well as a delayed return to in-class learning in the new year.

Ontario restaurants near virus hot spots weigh safety-vs-profit with locals-only dining

Some southern Ontario restaurants are making the tough financial choice to bar out-of-town customers from indoor dining as COVID-19 cases surge in nearby hot spots.

International couples plan reunions in Canada under new travel exception

Starting Thursday, romantic partners of Canadians can apply to enter the country, with documentation proving at least a year-long relationship.

Ontario strip clubs, worker advocates say provincial shutdown is unfair

Strip club operators are voicing frustration over the Ontario government's move to shut down their establishments, saying the closure was ordered without consultation and treats the industry unfairly.

School bus routes cancelled across Ontario as COVID-19 worsens driver shortage

The COVID-19 pandemic is placing Ontario's already precarious school bus industry under additional strain, parents and advocates argued Wednesday amid mounting reports of mass route cancellations and overcrowded vehicles.

More storms, more rain: St. John's planning for impacts of climate change

A report on climate models predicts rainier winters, warmer summers and more frequent storms leading up to 2050.

Newfoundland and Labrador premier takes office, now has to win over the public

As Newfoundland and Labrador's newly minted premier gets to work addressing the province's economic problems, he must turn his attention to another pressing political hurdle: winning a seat in the legislature.

COVID-related travel ban arbitrary, violates mobility rights, St. John's court told

Lawyers challenging Newfoundland and Labrador's COVID-19-related travel ban say the policy is arbitrary and violates the mobility rights guaranteed in the charter.

N.L. top doctor says travel ban with other measures helped stem COVID-19 spread

On Friday, Dr. Janice Fitzgerald took questions under oath about the controversial ban she issued under the province's public health state of emergency.

MD testifies about COVID-19 transmission risks of lifting N.L. travel ban

The province's infection rate could be 20 times higher in the absence of a travel ban, the doctor leading a team running models on the contagion said Thursday in court.

MUN doctor tells court province had to act quickly to prevent COVID-19 spread

An expert witness said Wednesday that officials had to act quickly and without clear information about a new disease and its potential impacts when it enacted a controversial travel ban last May.

Ecology groups challenge 'flawed' assessment of N.L. oil and gas drilling

A court challenge launched against the federal government this week argues that exploratory oil and gas drilling off Newfoundland and Labrador is being green-lit without proper assessment, setting a risky precedent for future projects across Canada.

Newfoundland blizzard sparks flurry of interest in local winter activities

Despite challenges to residents, the record-breaking snowfall sparked interest in winter activities St. John's offers - and interest in tourism to the province.