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Hole punched in Marine Atlantic ferry

A Marine Atlantic's ferry that travels between southwestern Newfoundland and Nova Scotia is back on the Cabot Strait after its hull was damaged last week.

MV Highlanders back in service after damage last week

A Marine Atlantic's ferry that travels between southwestern Newfoundland and Nova Scotia is back on the Cabot Strait after its hull was damaged last week.

The MV Highlanders was forced out of commission after it hit a metal bar that was sticking out of one of the docks in North Sydney, N.S.

"As part of the docking procedure, the vessel actually came along side and made contact with a piece of metal structure and that resulted in a puncture," said Tara Laing, the company's communications manager.

The 30-centimetre hole above the vessel's waterline was repaired and the metal bar was removed from the dock.

The Highlanders and a second vessel, the MV Blue Puttees, were purchased and refurbished to replace aging Marine Atlantic vessels.

The MV Blue Puttees is named after soldiers in the Royal Newfoundland Regiment during in the First World War. (Paul Pigott/ CBC)
In early April, the ferry company held a news conference to discuss a problem with the Blue Puttees in March.

Company officials said the vessel listed violently on March 19 because one of its stabilizers retracted when it shouldn't have, causing the ship to pitch and roll.

The family of a man who died following the incident believes the shift in the vessel led to his death.

Former Marine Atlantic employee John Harvey of Port aux Basques, N.L. was reportedly thrown from his bunk and struck his head when the ferry listed.

The Crown corporation confirmed Harvey was injured during the incident but said on April 8 that it was waiting for provincial medical officials to determine the cause of the man's death.