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HMP inmate gets more jail time after broomstick attack on fellow prisoner

James David Glasco, an inmate at Her Majesty's Penitentary, has been sentenced to another 13 months in jail for assaulting another inmate.

Trio charged after attack sends inmate to hospital

Inmate James David Glasco and two other prisoners were charged after another inmate was attacked with a broomstick in June 2014. (CBC)

One of three inmates charged after a broken broomstick was used to assault another prisoner at Her Majesty's Penitentiary last year has been sentenced to 13 months in jail.

James Douglas Glasco was charged after an assault on June 15, 2014 which sent inmate Todd Barry to hospital with a cut on the right side of his head.

The cut required six stitches.Barry's left forearm had a piece of wood embedded in it, and his right wrist had been broken.

In a written decision released Monday, Justice William Goodridge said past efforts to rehabilitate Glasco, 41, had not been successful.  

He also cited Glasco's criminal record, which included  92 convictions for property crimes and two convictions for assault.

Goodridge described Glasco's attack on Barry as "a cowardly assault" that involved "repeated kicking and punching even after he was on the floor and defenceless."

The court was told that the attack began with a verbal argument and escalated to the point where three inmates hit Barry.

One of the attackers went to the shower, returned with a broken broomstick, and began jabbing Barry with the sharp end. 

Barry did not make a victim impact statement to the court. 

'I did something stupid and I am sorry.'

Glasco told the court he had apologized.

"I did do something very stupid and I am sorry, and I have also made amends with Mr. Barry," he said.

"We are on talking terms again, you know what I mean. We hashed it out. We are okay."

Goodridge sentenced Glasco to 13 months in prison, less time served, and to 12 months probation.