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Historic Pinkston forge moved to new location in Brigus

The 25-year old Pinkston forge was recently donated to the local heritage society by the family that owned it.
The Pinkston forge is one of only two surviving forges in Newfoundland. Now it has a new location and will be renovated as the town's latest historic site. 1:27

 A 125-year-old building took a short trip in Brigus on Monday. 

The Pinkston forge was recently donated to the local heritage society by the family that owned it. 

It's one of only two surviving forges in the province. It was used by blacksmiths for heating metals and constructing tools and metal objects.

On Monday, the forge was slowly transported to its new location, where it will be town's latest historic site. 

As they watched a piece of history move through town, people with a connection to the structure were reminiscing about the place that the forge played in their lives, and in the community.

Among the crowd that was watching was Muriel Pinkston, whose family had owned and run the forge since 1889. "It is sad. I'm a little bit weepy today," she said.

"I can remember when I was a child in Brigus Academy, in spring the windows were open, and I could hear my dad say whoa to the horses," Pinkston said.

Great memories

John Pinkston was also reflecting on the history of the building as he watched it slowly roll to its new location.

"A lot of great memories, yes. In the forge, pumping the bellow for Dad," he said. 

"On Saturdays all the men gathered around, and the horses lined up, waiting to get shod."

Pinkston donated the forge to the local heritage society which raised close to $90,000 to move and restore it.

The society plans to have the forge fully restored and operational by next summer.

With files from Azzo Rezori


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