Hikers OK after chilly night near Pouch Cove

Two hikers are safe and sound after spending a night lost in the woods near Pouch Cove
The CBC's Zach Goudie speaks to two Ontario hikers who are safe and sound after spending a night in the woods near Pouch Cove 10:21

Two hikers are safe and sound after spending a night lost in the woods near Pouch Cove. 

Barbara Chun and Vivien Leong came from Toronto to hike on the East Coast Trail. However, what was supposed to be an easy day hike for the pair turned into an unplanned night spent outside.

The Royal Newfoundland Constabulary said the women had made a call around 5:30 p.m. Wednesday that they were on a trail in the area, and would be about two hours getting back.

The two hikers left Pouch Cove and got to where they were headed, but on the return trip they lost their way.

"On the way back, somehow we took a wrong turn and followed the wrong markers and ended up on a different trail," Chun said.

When they didn't return, the Rovers ground search and rescue crew began looking for them. By 3 a.m. the search was paused for the night.

Meanwhile, the two women were huddled together with jackets pulled up trying to get some rest despite being out in the rain and cold.

"It's about as uncomfortable as you can be," said Chun. "Completely soaking wet and cold."

They waited until there was enough light to see the trail markers, and again headed off. The two planned to continue down the same trail they were on, hoping it would eventually spit them out in a populated area.

Eventually, they saw a cluster of trailers and other signs of people, and then they walked out into the Marine Park in Bauline.

After seeing a long section of trail they didn't plan on travelling, Chun remains positive.

"Actually the trail was very nice," she said. "We really hated worrying everybody, but we still do want to hike in Newfoundland."