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Hibernia power outage results in 2,200-litre oil spill

A power outage on the Hibernia platform Saturday evening resulted in about 2,200 litres of oil spilling into the ocean. 

Oil production has been shut down, company says

A power outage on the Hibernia platform caused sprinklers to overflow a waste drain system, putting about 150 litres of oil into the ocean. Later aerial estimates put that number at 2,200 litres of oil. (CBC)

A power outage on the Hibernia platform Saturday evening resulted in about 2,200 litres of oil spilling into the ocean. 

The Hibernia Management and Development Company (HMDC) confirmed the platform lost power, causing water sprinkler systems to activate.

The sprinklers caused the waste containment drain system, which contained water and some oil, to overflow onto the platform and into the ocean, the company said in a statement.

HMDC estimated about 2,200 litres of oil has spilled into the ocean, based on a surveillance flight carried out Sunday morning.

A previous news release said 150 litres, or about one barrel, of oil had spilled, based on the sheen on the surface of the water observed from the platform.

The company said there would be a second flight Sunday afternoon and updated estimate would be released based on that flight information.

A vessel has also deployed spill response equipment, the company said, while two other vessels are containing the oil.

All employees safe, company says

The Canada-Newfoundland and Labrador Offshore Petroleum Board and Canadian Coast Guard have been notified.

According to HMDC, power has since been restored, all employees are safe and production has been shut down.

The spill comes after an estimated 12,000 litres of oil and water spilled July 17, resulting in oil production shutting down for nearly a month.

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