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Have ink? Tattoo convention converges on St. John's

Dozens of tattooists are in St. John's on Friday for the area's first ever tattoo convention.
First ever St. John's Tattoo Convention is going on this weekend, report Krissy Holmes 2:05

It will be like Christmas Day for the tattooed and tattoo-curious in St. John's, as dozens of tattooists break out their ink for a convention in the east end of the city.

Hosted by Trouble Bound Studio, the convention brings together 39 tattoo artists from this province, the country and one artist from the United States.

The convention is the brainchild of owner Dave Munro, who has been waiting for years for there to be enough demand in St. John's for an event of this kind. 

- Dave Munro

"It's always been a collectors ideal — they want people to come, they want to see the tattooists that they can find on Instagram and in magazines … they wanted access to these people," Munro told the St. John's Morning Show.

Munro, who has been attending conventions since the 90s, said he's seen a big increase in the number of people who get tattoos in the province.

Great response

"Tattoos have always been popular in Newfoundland," Munro said. "Newfoundland has probably been the most tattooed province for forever and a day."
Dave Munro, owner of Trouble Bound Studio in St. John's, is hosting St. John's first ever tattoo convention of its kind. (Geoff Bartlett/CBC)

Starting Friday at 1 p.m., the Bella Vista will begin a full-day of tattooing. Munro said half of the tattooists involved have left space in the schedule for walk-ins.

​"Every one of these tattooists have said they have gotten more responses and inquiries for tattoos at this convention than they ever had before," he said. 

The convention continues on Saturday from noon until 10 p.m.


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