Haunted N.L. fright fest: Watch the complete series

Just in time for Halloween, we've collected our Haunted N.L. series of modern ghost stories, guaranteed to put some fright in your night.

Get in the Halloween spirit with 4 terrifying tales from Newfoundland and Labrador

The costumes are creepy, the jack-o'-lantern is lit, and the candy bowl is topped up … for now.

All that's missing for a frightfully fun Halloween night are some spooky stories.

But fear not! On second thought, fear a lot. Because the complete Haunted N.L. series of modern ghost stories is right here for your heart-pounding pleasure.

Just kill the lights, and click play.

Haunting at Masonic Hall

Our first terrifying tale comes from downtown St. John's, where the caretaker of an old brick hall had a ghostly encounter that he kept secret for years.

The Scream

Our next story comes from Twilingate, where a young worker at the old Orange Lodge recorded actual video of a disembodied screaming. Can you hear it?

The Guardian

A friendly ghost watches over the workers at the Association of Registered Nurses of Newfoundland and Labrador (ARNNL). In fact, the nurses know this ghost by name.

The Barrens

The final chapter in our eerie series takes place on a lonely highway in the dead of night. But one woman says that on the Bay de Verde Barrens, you're never really alone …

Thanks for watching. If you're in the mood for more ghostly videos, we also have a Q&A with Dale Jarvis, of the St. John's Haunted Hike, and a guide to Halloween horror movies from the experts at Fright Hype. To see all that and more, subscribe to the CBCNL YouTube channel. Happy Halloween!