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Shine on, harvest moon: A sampling of stunning audience photos

We received a large number of harvest moon images this week, and decided to showcase some of the best shots.
Gene Herzberg's stunning capture over St. John's harbour is one of our top picks. (Submitted by Gene Herzberg)

Rosemary Clooney joined a long list of other performers when she crooned, "Oh, shine on, shine on harvest moon, up in the sky." 

A harvest moon is seen closest to the time of the autumn equinox, which was Sept. 23 this year.

In the past few days, we've witnessed several nights of incredibly beautiful moons right across the province — so we decided to feature some of the best images our audience sent our way.


A fantastic capture from Vanessa Mooney, taken in Placentia. (Submitted by Vanessa Mooney)
Wow! Raymond Wang used a telephoto zoom lens and a teleconverter to capture this breathtaking photo. (Submitted by Raymond Wang)
The moon was incredibly bright over St. John's when Emma Miller snapped this beauty. (Submitted by Emma Miller )
Ray Saunders says it was "quiet in the cove" when he took this image in Little Burnt Bay. (Submitted by Ray Saunders )
Cliff Doran took this grand snap on Sept. 23 in Trepassey. (Submitted by Clifford Doran )
A lovely moon shone over Trouty on Sept. 23. (Submitted by Evelyn Johnson)
Jim Fitzgerald sent us this terrific shot, taken Sept. 25 in St. John's. (Submitted by Jim Fitzgerald)
An amazing golden moon over Conception Bay North. (Submitted by Nikki Oliver Bursey)
Goodnight, moon! Teresita Gosse snapped this pretty pic in Harbour Main. (Submitted by Teresita Gosse)

Check out our other superb photos in this week's audience gallery.

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