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Harrison Ford, Calista Flockhart spotted eating scrunchions in St. John's

If you thought you saw a bearded Han Solo in St. John's this week … you just might have.

Star Wars actor and Ally McBeal partner dined on local dish at Sheraton Hotel, posed for photo

Harrison Ford and Calista Flockhart, with Fabian Fitzpatrick, at the Sheraton Hotel in St. John's. (Fabian Fitzpatrick/Facebook)

When it comes to celebrity sightings, it probably doesn't get much better than this.

Harrison Ford and Calista Flockhart were spotted in St. John's Monday night.

Indiana Jones and Ally McBeal were snapped at the Sheraton Hotel in downtown, where server Fabian Fitzpatrick got a photo with the couple.

"They had asked me what I'd recommend on the menu, and I asked them if they'd ever had cod with scrunchions," Fitzpatrick told CBC News.

"When I explained that scrunchions are the reason for longevity in Newfoundland, Harrison Ford wanted a double portion," he said, adding Ford devoured every last one.

Scrunchions are a local dish of fried salted pork fat, usually served with fish and brewis or fish and potatoes.

Fitzpatrick said the couple gamely posed for a photo with him, noting Ford's spectacular facial hair was a far cry from his clean-shaven Star Wars look.

"He looked more like Grizzly Adams than Han Solo!" said Fitzpatrick, admitting while he's never seen the blockbuster movie series, he loves Indiana Jones, and Flockhart's TV show Ally McBeal.

There's no word on how long Ford and wife Flockhart were in the city.