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Woman robbed of Tim Hortons prize on Facebook gets happy ending

Tim Hortons has reached out to reward the Newfoundland woman who lost out after someone on Facebook claimed her prize before she could.

Roll Up the Rim winner had discovered the underbelly of social media

Margaret Butler Coward says Tim Hortons will honour her prize after all. (Philippe Grenier/CBC)

A Newfoundland and Labrador woman who learned a hard lesson about social media privacy is walking away with more than just a lesson learned — she has also reclaimed her prize. 

Since sharing her story, Margaret Butler Coward of Conception Bay South says she has heard from Tim Hortons and was told that she will receive a $100 gift card. 

"Fortunately, Tim Hortons did contact me … and told me they would honour the cup. Because I was the rightful owner, and they are looking into it," she told CBC News.

Butler Coward posted a photo of her prize-winning Roll Up the Rim cup on Facebook on Monday, complete with its online verification code.

What Butler Howard didn't suspect was that someone on Facebook would, or could, swoop in and claim the prize before she did.  

'Think twice' before posting 

Butler Coward hopes people take away an important message from her story going viral.

"Try to think twice before you post something, because it really can come back and kick you in the butt, like it did for me," said Butler Coward.

Tim Hortons will give Butler Coward the $100 gift card she won, once she sends in the original cup. (CBC)

"It's a very valuable lesson learned."

Butler Coward said she had planned to keep her winning cup as a memento of that message, but in order to claim her prize, she has to mail it away.

"I was actually going to get a little shadow box for it and frame it, but they told me to send it in — so I will send it in," Butler Coward laughed, adding she hopes whoever claimed the original gift card will spend it on buying coffee for other people.

With files from Philippe Grenier