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Trevor Hamlyn's family still searching but frustrated with pace of investigation

"We are given the cold shoulder and told nothing," says the missing Paradise man's brother.

Found cell phone hasn't provided any solid leads, sister says

Trevor Hamlyn's sister says his family does not expect he will be found alive. (Trevor Hamlyn/Facebook)

More than four months after his unexplained disappearance, and three months after his old cellphone was found, Trevor Hamlyn's family doesn't have any more answers than they did in the summer.

But they aren't expecting a happy ending for Hamlyn, 33, who was last seen at his home in Paradise on June 16.

Ashley Hamlyn says the family will continue to search for her brother but hopes for a tip that will help them narrow that search. (Andrew Sampson/CBC)

"I know something happened to him. He didn't just go off on his own or anything like that," his sister Ashley Hamlyn told CBC News last week.

"Basically I'm just waiting for a phone call. I don't think it's going to come back good news. I'm just waiting for them to find him."

As they wait, Hamlyn's family is increasingly frustrated with what they say is a lack of communication from the Royal Newfoundland Constabulary about the investigation.

A phone Trevor Hamlyn hadn't used for a few months was found in an early search, but provided no useful information. (Provided by Geoff Hamlyn)

"The RNC were helpful and respectful at first, but now it seems they have other issues that require their attention and my brother's case isn't a priority even though we constantly provide them with the information they cannot obtain themselves," wrote Trevor's brother, Geoff Hamlyn, in a statement to CBC News.

"We have provided the police with everything. Now we are given the cold shoulder and told nothing."

Cellphone provided no info

There have been no new signs of Trevor Hamlyn, who also went by the nickname Pepsi, since a smartphone that belonged to him was found during an independent ground search in Paradise on June 25.

The white phone, found lying face up in the grass in the woods, hasn't provided any solid leads because her brother had stopped using that phone months before he disappeared, Ashley Hamlyn said.

Police say the investigation is active, and Hamlyn's family posted Tuesday on an Facebook page that the RNC sent a Snapchat through his account. (Facebook)

"It's just made me more suspicious," she said. "How does a phone that he broke at home end up out in the middle of the woods?"

Police have not said why they believe Trevor Hamlyn disappeared, though the family was provided with an exclusive contact in the major crimes unit and the investigation is active, Const. Geoff Higdon, the Royal Newfoundland Constabulary's media officer, told CBC News in a statement.

"We have yet to determine the circumstances around his disappearance and understand that can be very difficult on his family and friends," Higdon said.

Geoff Hamlyn agrees with his sister's assessment of the situation, that their brother Trevor didn't disappear on his own, and it is unlikely that he killed himself.

"It's impossible to even fathom that someone well liked and well known like my brother can just vanish," he said. 

"To elude the many cameras in today's society and leave no digital footprint via cellphone or personal computer is astonishing."

A difficult wait

The family has continued to try to find their own answers to their brother's disappearance. Ashley Hamlyn said, but nothing so far has pointed to a specific reason why he might have disappeared.

"We're waiting for a piece of information to tell us where to go and search," she said.

RNC Const. Geoff Higdon says the search for Trevor Hamlyn is ongoing, but police don't yet know why he disappeared. (CBC)

Police are providing whatever support they can to Hamlyn's family as the investigation continues, Higdon said.

"While we cannot speak to the specifics of this case and the interactions we have had with Trevor Hamlyn's family, I can say that it is the RNC major crime unit's best practice to always keep the family of missing persons updated regularly on all cases," he said.

Anybody with information on Trevor Hamlyn's disappearance can be provided to the RNC directly, or to Crime Stoppers, Higdon said.

'We're not giving up'

Ashley Hamlyn said she understands police are limited in what they can tell the family, but family members feel like they're out of the loop on the investigation. For that reason, they've continued their own searches, but there's a lot of ground to cover.

Trevor Hamlyn was last heard from on the afternoon of June 16. (Royal Newfoundland Constabulary/Submitted)

The family's best chance of finding Trevor Hamlyn is to get a tip from someone who can point them in the right direction, said Ashley Hamlyn.

"Hopefully the guilt will get to them," she said. "I just want them to know that we're not giving up, we're still out there looking, and we won't stop."

In the meantime, the family continues to wait for answers — and closure. Thanksgiving was hard, she said, and she's dreading Christmas. Their mother is a strong woman, she said, but the stress and lack of information is taking a toll. 

"It's hard for me, the oldest, to see this family torn apart again — and over what?" Geoff Hamlyn said. 

"What was so bad that he had to disappear without a trace?"

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