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Hamilton's Lin-Manuel Miranda praises 'utterly talented' Come From Away

The hit musical is drawing rave reviews from a Broadway heavy hitter.

'Cod damn you Canadians for the 100 minutes wherein I constantly blinked back tears of gratitude'

Hamilton creator Lin Manuel Miranda, pictured holding the cod, tweeted this photo after taking in a performance of Come From Away. (Lin-Manuel Miranda/Twitter)

Lin-Manuel Miranda of the Broadway smash Hamilton has shared effusive praise for the "utterly talented" creators of the Tony Award-winning Canadian show Come From Away.

Miranda tweeted out a string of compliments for Irene Sankoff and David Hein after taking in their musical, which is based on the true story of how the town of Gander, N.L., welcomed over 7,000 stranded airline passengers after 9/11.

"Cod damn you Canadians for the 100 minutes wherein I constantly blinked back tears of gratitude for cheering for kindness and decency and your wonderful show," Miranda tweeted after seeing the show in New York.

He also applauded how Sankoff and Hein build excitement and tension throughout the show by not relying on a typical theatre technique.

Come From Away has garnered rave reviews since hitting Broadway. (Handout/Canadian Press)

Miranda explained that in the theatre world, the term "button" refers to when audiences are cued to applaud, usually at the end of a song.

He was amazed that Come From Away only gives the applause cue three times during the entire show, including at the end of the opening and closing numbers.

"So you're seeing this incredible kindness and generosity and beautiful work and they don't let you clap the whole show," Miranda tweeted, in all caps for emphasis.

"It's incredibly effective. And earned. But don't let their kindness fool you, them Canadians are ruthless with your emotions."

More Come From Away on the way

A Canadian production of Come From Away is currently being staged in Winnipeg through Feb. 3 and moves to Toronto on Feb. 13.

A separate tour of the U.S. and Canada will be launched in the fall.

Sankoff and Hein are also working on a big-screen adaptation of the show, which picked up a Grammy nomination for best musical theatre album in November.