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How's this for a treat? Pets in costumes

Some of your furry friends are digging Halloween more than others.

Halloween highlights include your furry friends dressed up

This is Sir Winston Otis as a pirate. I mean, what can be said? (Submitted by Anthony Robert Malone)

Let's celebrate the day where candy is abundant and cool costumes rule the day!

Check out our favourites so far and check back here for updates throughout the day.

Um, is Reese giving the stinkeye over the snowman costume? (Submitted by Alex CP)
'Go, Leafs, go!' say Finnegan and Harley. (Well, not really, because they're dogs. But they're thinking it!) (Submitted by Kerri-Leigh Pittman)
The name is Gus. Gus the cowboy. (Kelly Fry (Gus the cowboy))
Finnigan is really getting into this whole old-timey, law-enforcement vibe. (Submitted by Denise Martin)
Meet Duke and Gunner, scubadogs. (Submitted by Megan Nash)
Now, THIS is how you rock a Wonder Woman dress. (Submitted by Ashley Michelle)
Let Luna give you some style tips. (Submitted by Ashley Hill)
Oh Piper, you're making us hungry. (Submitted by Rhonda Mercer)
We're not worthy! We're not worthy! (Submitted by Chelsea Ryan)
You're NOT a lion? Could have fooled us. (Submitted by Kara Fitzpatrick)
This dog thinks of everything and carries condiments with him. (Submitted by Stephanie Hinks)
Wow, there is a LOT of super power in that household. (Submitted by Elizabeth Barrington Mathieson)
One dog, eight tentacles, and oh so much to love about this picture. (Submitted by Lisa Goodyear)
The Force is strong with this one. (Submitted by Heather Dawson)
There's a new sheriff in town. (Submitted by Heather Dawson)
Remember Wayne Knight as Dennis Nedry in Jurassic Park?! (Submitted by Lisa Marie Cee)
Someone is a fan of mustard on their hot dog. (Submitted by Kelly George (hot dog))
Striking a fierce pose in the unicorn attire. (Submitted by Steven Granter)
Dexter will save the day. (Submitted by Ruth Hickey)
Taco dog, at your service. (Submitted by Melissa Gearing)
The most beautiful fairy dog in all the land. (Submitted by Melissa Gearin)
Halloween is more fun when you got a squad. Meet Parker the turtle, Pebbles the pumpkin and Maggie the devil. (Submitted by Joanne Batten)
Mighty Mork will save the day! (Submitted by Shannah Rastin)
Odin is honouring his favourite toy this Halloween, Gumbi. (Submitted by Danielle Peddigrew)
Come on, smile! Look at those colours. (Submitted by Stacey Holwell)
Max is a deep-thinking pirate. (Submitted by Heather Williams-Chaulk)

For even more photos, scroll through the comments on our CBC N.L. Facebook post.

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