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'My hero': Halifax cab driver comes to the rescue of Newfoundland woman

A St. John's woman is singing the praises of a taxi driver who came to her aid when she arrived, injured and alone, at Halifax Stanfield International Airport.
Nicole Slade and Ed Benoit took pictures of each other during the emergency room wait. (Submitted by Nicole Slade)

A St. John's woman is singing the praises of a taxi driver who came to her aid when she arrived, injured and alone, at Halifax Stanfield International Airport.

A Good Samaritan comes to aid of injured woman. 8:56

Nicole Slade was headed to Halifax for work meetings on the slushy, rainy night of Nov. 16, when she slipped and fell on her arm just inside the doors of the St. John's International Airport.

There's a time to be a taxi driver, yet there's a time to be a human being, also.- Ed Benoit

"I tried to catch myself — I figure I probably should have let myself fall," Slade told The St. John's Morning Show.

"But en route to Halifax I quickly realized I may have hurt myself more than I thought."

By the time she touched down in Nova Scotia, Slade was in shooting pain from wrist to shoulder and she didn't know what to do.

That's when she met the cab driver she now calls "my hero."

Ed Benoit arrives

Taxi driver Ed Benoit picked up Slade's fare — and quickly picked up on her pain.

"As soon as I pulled away from the curb, she actually went 'Oh!' and I said, 'What's wrong with you?'" said Benoit.

"That's when I said, 'I think you should go to the emergency.'"

Nicole Slade was in pain by the time she hailed Benoit's cab at the airport in Halifax, after falling on her arm before her flight from St. John's.

But Slade downplayed her injury during the ride to her hotel.

"I'm not a good traveller, so I was nervous and I didn't want to say anything," said Slade, who eventually told Benoit about her pre-flight fall.

Outside the hotel, Benoit succeeded in convincing Slade she needed urgent medical attention and took her to the hospital.

But he didn't just drop her off at its doors.

"He came in with me, he walked me through the process, where I was gonna go. He was carrying my purse and my jacket the whole time," said Slade.

Money isn't everything

Benoit kept Slade company as the two worked their way through the system and waited for X-rays.

"He was with me the whole time, so the doctors and nurses were speaking to us both and they would look at Ed, and Ed would say, 'No, I'm just her driver,' and they would kinda chuckle a little bit," said Slade.

He walked me through the process, where I was gonna go. He was carrying my purse and my jacket the whole time.- Nicole Slade

"He was wonderful. And I kept thanking him, I couldn't thank him enough, and he just said, 'The next time you do something nice for someone else, just think of me.'"

Benoit said it never occurred to him he was missing out on cab fares as he sat with Slade at the hospital.

"I had a great night. I didn't lose nothing. I had a great evening, and I was no longer worried about her. Because if she never went to the hospital she would be bothering me," said Benoit.

"I did two more calls [after], I made lots of money."

Slade had fractured part of her elbow and after being released, Benoit drove her back to her hotel before continuing on his way.

"There's a time to be a taxi driver yet there's a time to be a human being, also. It's as simple as that," said Benoit.


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