How a gun threat in Ohio wound up frightening students in western Newfoundland

A case of mistaken identity involved two schools with the initials SHS.

Police say threat was targeted to Springfield High School in Ohio, not Stephenville High School

Stephenville High School student got a fright Thursday when a social media gun threat referenced SHS. It was geared toward a school in the states. (CBC)

A social media post that originated in the United States had students in Stephenville High School, in western Newfoundland, on edge Thursday.

The Bay St. George RCMP received a call Thursday afternoon that a social media threat stating, "Someone is bringing a hand gun to school tomorrow," was targeting SHS.

Students at the Newfoundland school were seeing the threat on Snapchat and Facebook and thought it referred to Stephenville High School.

A police officer who visited the school and checked the social media posts found that the messages were directed at Springfield High School in Ohio.

Police said students in Stephenville were especially distraught given a lockdown at the school earlier in February. 

RCMP Sgt. Joe Anderson said there is no threat against Stephenville High School and no reason for students there to be concerned.

A report from Ohio in the Dayton Daily News said a 16-year-old girl, a student at Springfield High School, had been charged.

Authorities in Ohio posted on Facebook that criminal charges are pending against a juvenile girl. (facebook )