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Gun fired near Campbellton school, moose hunter facing charges

The Department of Justice and Public Safety says a hunter faces charges after killing a moose near a school in central Newfoundland.

Female calf shot within 300 metres of homes, within 1,000 metres of Greenwood Academy

The Newfoundland and Labrador Wildlife Act says it is illegal to fire a gun within 1,000 metres of a school. (CBC)

A hunter in central Newfoundland is facing charges under the Wildlife Act after a moose was killed near homes and a school in Campbellton.

The Department of Justice and Public Safety received a complaint on Oct. 21 that a female calf had been shot within 300 metres of homes and within 1,000 metres of Greenwood Academy.

Fish and wildlife enforcement officers were called to investigate the complaint, and four quarters of moose were seized.

A man will appear in provincial court in Gander at a later date to face charges.

If convicted, he will face possible fines and a hunting ban of up to five years.