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Onlookers push grounded whale back into Atlantic Ocean

A minke whale which ran aground near Point Leamington got a helping hand on Friday morning when a group of onlookers pushed the animal back into deeper water.

Beached whale pushed back into Atlantic Ocean

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5 years ago
Some Point Leamington residents pushed a beached whale back into the North Atlantic after it ran aground chasing food on Friday. 0:44

A grounded whale near Point Leamington, Newfoundland got a helping hand Friday morning — a number of helping hands, actually.

Three people, two of them using wooden poles, help push the stuck minke back into deeper water to freedom, after it ran aground near the Notre Dame Bay town.

According to Justin Saunders, who recorded the video, the whale appeared to be chasing food when it got itself stuck.

Watch the rescue in the video player above.