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In the deep end: MUN's Grenfell Campus pool closing after 40 years

One of two main swimming facilities in Corner Brook will be closing down this spring.

University cites 'current fiscal environment' for closure of Corner Brook facility

Memorial University's Grenfell Campus swimming pool, with its iconic whale wall tiles, will be closing down indefinitely after 40 years of being one of Corner Brook's main swimming facilities. (Twitter/@grenfellcampus)

One of two main swimming facilities in Corner Brook will be closing down this spring.

The swimming pool at Memorial University's Grenfell campus, which has been in operation for over 40 years, is in need of major restoration work.

The university said the cost associated with the repairs is beyond what it's able to spend at this time.

"It is with great regret that we announce today that as of mid-April (the end of the winter semester) Grenfell Campus will close its pool indefinitely," campus administration wrote in a statement.

"We will continue to operate until that time as we have received assurance from the consultant in the way of a professional opinion letter that spring 2016 would be an appropriate time to address the issue. They have assured us that the current condition of the pool is not a safety concern."

According to the statement, the age of the pool has required a number of minor repairs over the years to keep it functioning, but major restoration work is needed at this point to keep it in operation.

Consultants Atlantic Engineering Ltd. informed the university that repairs were necessary to the sublevel underneath the surface tile of the deck and in the subdeck areas that are housed in the basement of Grenfell's Arts and Science building.

The projected cost of the work is around $2 million, and campus administration said given the "current fiscal environment," there are "serious funding limitations" that their budget "cannot bear."

The Grenfell swimming pool, along with the Arts and Culture Centre pool, are the two main indoor swimming facilities in the Corner Brook area.


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