Gone Again | Heidi Scott on living in two places

In this instalment of the five-part Gone Again series, Heidi Scott tells Jill English how she maintains her marriage with her husband who lives in Toronto, while she manages her business in St. John's.
Heidi Scott describes her unique commute between St. John's where she owns a business and Toronto 4:54

Living in two places is a common challenge for Newfoundlanders and Labradorians who are part of the commute culture.

Heidi Scott takes it to another level, as she maintains her marriage with her husband who lives in Toronto while she maintains her business in St. John's.

Scott's juggling act is the focus of this week's edition of Gone Again.

In the five-part series, Jill English set out in 2013 to find the women who work away or who handle things while their family members leave for work elsewhere. 

Catching up with Scott

Heidi continues to travel between St. John's and Toronto, and her business continues to grow. Though Heidi's back-and-forth routine remains much the same as when English interviewed her in May of 2013, her husband Wayne now makes regular weekend trips to St. John's. The new arrangement means Heidi and Wayne now spend most weekends together. 

About Gone Again

In 2013, as part of her Masters in Media Production with Ryerson University, English produced the ‘Gone Again’ series to showcase an element of Newfoundland's workforce that bridges past and present: the commute. Driving across the province with her friend Deidre, she collected stories tied to the back-and-forth relationships with friends, family and the land itself.


About the Author

Jill English


Jill English is a producer with The National based in Toronto.