Gone Again | Ashley Murphy on working away and missing home

Working away from home for Newfoundlanders and Labradorians has many advantages, but sometimes you miss being with family.
As part of the Gone Again series, Ashley Murphy describes how she loves her job, but she misses being home 4:14

Working away from home is the long-term reality for many Newfoundlanders and Labradorians. It's a lifestyle that has many advantages — big pay cheques, interesting locales, and great careers in interesting fields.

Mostly, we hear about the men, like fishermen, or the boys of Fort McMurray.

Jill English set out in 2013 to find the women who work away or who handle things while their family members leave for work elsewhere.

English sat down with Ashley Murphy — a young woman with ambitions in remote construction. On a seven and seven rotation, Murphy missed her family and friends in Mount Pearl while building a career in an industry where living on site and away from home is just part of the deal.

Catching up with Murphy

It's been three and half years since Murphy entered the construction industry and she says she's never looked back. Murphy is now on the Bull Arm Hebron project, 150 kilometres from Mount Pearl.

She continues to work in an executive assistant role, working seven days on, seven days off. She has two courses left in her occupational health and safety program, and has been doing some training with the safety coordinator on her site, learning how to apply her education in the field.

Murphy has at least two more years at Bull Arm. She sees herself in the industry for the long-term.

About Gone Again

In 2013, as part of her Masters in Media Production with Ryerson University, Jill produced the ‘Gone Again’ series to showcase an element of Newfoundland's workforce that bridges past and present: the commute. Driving across the province with her friend Deidre, she collected stories tied to the back-and-forth relationships with friends, family and the land itself.


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Jill English


Jill English is a producer with The National based in Toronto.