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Glovertown kindergarten students end the year by writing their own book

Their teacher hopes the process of creating the book and telling their story will stay with these young students.

All About Us includes a 2-page spread for each student, with their own writing and drawings

Glovertown Academy students Jonah, Emily and Jemma, all aged six, show off the book their class made. (Martin Jones/CBC)

A group of recent kindergarten graduates can already add an impressive accomplishment to their resumes: published author.

The students in Cathy Baker's class at Glovertown Academy spent some time this year drawing and writing personalized pages for a hardcover book their teacher had published.

They're hopefully seeing themselves as real authors, authors of their own lives, authors of their own book.- Teacher Cathy Baker

All About Us has a two-page spread for each child, featuring a favourite photo from the school year, a self-portrait, and a written statement about what makes each of them special. The hardcover books were put together through Studentreasures Publishing.

Baker hopes the experience gives the students a valuable memento of their first year in school.

Teacher Cathy Baker with her kindergarten class at Glovertown Academy. (Martin Jones/CBC)

"I recognize that things are becoming more digital so for these children, many of them will have only digital photographs of their childhood," she said. 

"So it's important for them to have a physical artifact that they can hold in their hands and to say, 'look what I wrote.'"

The students put a lot of work into their pages, Baker said, with some of them taking an hour or more to draw themselves as they see themselves, or in some cases as they hope to be.

"For a lot of them, this was the first time that they had really drawn a really good picture," she said.

The creativity students used for their book has shown up in other ways since, Cathy Baker says. (Martin Jones/CBC)

The experience has bled into their other work since putting the book together, their teacher said, as they use their creativity in new and different ways.

Ultimately, Baker said she believes the experience of putting who they are out into the world will stay with these young students.

"They're hopefully seeing themselves as real authors, authors of their own lives, authors of their own book."

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