NLC pleased as punch to launch vodka from UFC legend Georges St-Pierre

On Wednesday one of the greatest mixed martial arts fighters in the world toured the St. John's distillery where his Pur Sang vodka will be bottled.

Rock Spirits Distillery bottling and distributing St-Pierre's Pur Sang vodka

Former UFC Champion Georges St-Pierre teams up with NLC to launch Pur Sang Vodka

6 months ago
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MMA star Georges St-Pierre came to St. John's on Wednesday to tour NLC's Rock Spirts distillery where his vodka will be bottled.

On Wednesday, one of the greatest mixed martial arts fighters in the world toured the St. John's distillery where his Pur Sang vodka will be bottled. 

For the past year Georges St-Pierre and the Newfoundland and Labrador Liquor Corporation have been working together to get the vodka on store shelves. 

"It was very important for me that the product was made in Canada, not anywhere else in the world," the sharply dressed St-Pierre said at the NLC's Kenmount Road distillery.

"Even though we are going to go worldwide I wanted my product to be authentic as the person I am."

A video of Georges St-Pierre plays in background in front of a few bottles of his Pur Sang vodka at the NLC's Rock Spirits distillery.
A video of Georges St-Pierre plays at the NLC's Rock Spirits distillery promoting his new vodka Pur Sang. (Jeremy Eaton/CBC)

The Quebec man is widely regarded as the greatest fighter in mixed martial arts history, having won titles in the welterweight and middleweight divisions, but now his focus is on promoting his new vodka. 

"When I came out with that product I want it to be premium to make sure everything that I put into my body, and my customers bodies', it's premium ingredients," he said.

Former UFC champions Georges St-Pierre and the NLC's president and CEO Bruce Keating stand shoulder to shoulder inside of the Rock Spirits distillery.
Georges St-Pierre and Bruce Keating pose for a picture at the NLC's Rock Spirits distillery. (Jeremy Eaton/CBC)

Rock Spirits, the NLC-owned distillery in St. John's, will bottle and ship the new vodka brand.

"We ship to over 40 countries globally, so we have a really impressive distribution capability," said NLC president and CEO Bruce Keating.

"His standards are very high and I think that kind of led to a really good collaboration."

Landing a client with a public profile as large as St-Pierre's is a big win for the NLC, said Keating.

"It's a massive feather in the cap of Rock Spirits," he said.

"Anybody who thinks of him understands his standards of excellence, understands his dedication, so for him to go through this process and select Rock Spirits is a real credit to everyone on Rock Spirits' team."

The vodka is on NLC shelves already and is expected to roll out across Canada in the coming weeks. 

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Jeremy Eaton is a reporter and videojournalist with CBC Newfoundland and Labrador.