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George Street girls topless for Kirill sparks outrage

Raunchy photos of partially nude young women at a new St. John's club are being shared on social media like wildfire.

CBC has learned underage girls were among those photographed

New York-photographer Kirill's visit to George Street has stirred up controversy on social media. (Tumblr)

Raunchy photos of partially nude young women at a new St. John's club are being shared on social media like wildfire.

Allure, which brands itself as a venue for hip hop acts, held its opening launch on March 8 with DJ Jillionaire fronting entertainment for a twerking contest.

The club on George Street also brought in New York-based nightlife photographer Kirill, who takes pictures of naked, inebriated women, then plasters them on his website, blog and Twitter account.

Kirill, who describes himself as a "Slut Whisperer" on Twitter, added dozens of photos from Saturday night, showing women baring their breasts, getting alcohol poured on their bodies and in their mouths, and women lying partially nude in the snow on George Street. 

CBC has learned some of the women photographed are not of legal drinking age.

Kirill also takes videos and posts them to his website. 

Despite Kirill's website displaying naked photos and distasteful comments about women, the club and the George Street Association promoted DJ Jillionaire, Kirill and the twerking contest for Allure's club launch. 

"I travel the world photographing drunk girls and famous people," Kirill's Twitter account states. 

Facebook users in this province are sharing the photos — some condemning the newly-opened club, others encouraging the behaviour.

Club reacts

On Friday, the club posted a message on their Facebook site.

"Due to the recent uproar caused by photos taken from our opening weekend, females [sic] patrons are advise [sic] of the following rule changes: 1) females are restricted from wearing clothes that expose more [than] 25 percent of there [sic] body. 2) exposure of breasts is strictly prohibited 3) the dance craze known as Twerking is banned until further notice. Other forms of dancing will be acceptable if deemed non sexual by nature," the post said.

"We apologize for any distress caused to people that were not in attendance and [were] forced to view said pictures."

That comment sparked dozens of comments on the club's Facebook page. 

"Take some responsibility for your own apparent intent to exploit women (women who are under the influence at that!). For your own financial gain. Turn down? No. But maybe you should," one Facebook user said. 

"How about the next time you have an event, try to avoid including blow up dolls of naked women that say "Slut" across the forehead," another wrote.

But not everyone was against the club inviting Kirill to take photos.

"Well, you also have to look at the fact that these women were willing participants, they didn't force any of them to get naked. So maybe they should have respect for themselves too," said a Facebook commenter.

Promoter and Allure co-owner Daryl Flood told CBC News he was the one who invited Kirill to come to help promote the opening weekend of the club, which combines the former Brimstone and former Club V on George Street.

Flood said he is remorseful about inviting the well-known photographer to the city because of the controversy that has been stirred up. 

Kirill defends photographs

When asked to verify whether or not the women in nude photographs were underage in the club, Flood said the club is very strict with ID requirements, so if there were any underage people, they would have been there illegally.

Flood said he is unable to verify if any of the nude pictures involved underage girls.

The incident has led the club to rethink how they ID club goers.

Kirill has said that girls at Allure were willing participants and asked him to take photographs of them.

Kirill said his album from his time in St. John's has been popular on his website, and added that no one has asked him to remove the photos.