Nfld. & Labrador

Drop in prices at gas pumps across N.L.

The cost of most other types of fuel have dropped, too.

2nd week in a row that the cost of a litre of gas has decreased

Drivers are seeing some relief at the pumps Thursday. (CBC)

The cost of gas has dropped four cents a litre across the province as of Thursday morning, while other fuel prices are down, too. 

The weekly pricing adjustment by the Public Utilities Board means drivers will pay a maximum of $1.39 for a litre of self-serve gas. 

In southern Labrador, a litre will cost drivers almost $1.56. 

It's the second consecutive week gas prices have dropped, following last week's decrease of about a penny per litre. 

Diesel is also down by two cents a litre, while furnace and stove oil price dropped by a cent and a half. 

There is no change in the price of propane. 

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