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'We stand in peace and love': Gander holds vigil after Quebec city shooting

People in Gander gathered in front of the town hall last night to shine a light for the Quebec city shooting victims.
A crowd gathers in front of Gander town hall to honour those killed in a shooting at a mosque in Quebec City. (Julia Cook/CBC)

People in Gander gathered in front of their town hall Wednesday night to shine a light on a dark event, with a candlelit vigil.

"There's a lot going on in the world today and we all feel like we have to do something and it starts with peace," said Nancy Hurley Goodyear, event organizer.

I think people have to stand up and say how they feel about things that are happening in the world.- Nancy Hurley Goodyear

The vigil was for the recent shooting at a Quebec City mosque, where six Muslims were killed and 19 wounded by a lone gunman.

"The climate in the world is changing, just politically and how people feel, and I think people have to stand up and say how they feel about things that are happening in the world," Hurley Goodyear told the Central Morning Show.

Presenters, such Gander councillor Brian Dove, spoke about the acceptance of all religions in the community.
Councillor Brian Dove expressed how everyone is welcome in Gander. (Julia Cook/CBC)

"We're here and good will come of this, no doubt," he told the crowd of more than 50 people.

"And it shows what Gander's all about and how we support each other and all of the citizens of the world."

Be nice to everyone.- Clare O'Brien, child at Gander vigil

Bridget and Clare O'Brien, two girls from Gander, were at the town hall with their parents and held candles at the front of the gathering.

"If there wasn't peace, people would be fighting everywhere," said Clare.

When asked how to promote acceptance in the community, she replied, "Be nice to everyone."

The O'Brien sisters, Bridget and Clare, were among those at the vigil. (Julia Cook/CBC)

One of the speakers, Pastor Jon-Ross Ennest, who spoke on behalf of Gander Ministerial Association, applauded residents for taking a stand.

"We have to stand in peace and in love ... and that's exactly what we're doing in Gander," he told the crowd.

"As we continue to do that, we continue to make a statement."

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