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Gallivanting moose turns St. John's into a steeplechase

A loose moose led police on a chase around St. John's this morning before finally being tranquilized.

Moose on the loose

10 years ago
Duration 9:29
Scenes of a moose on the run, and being tranquillized, in a St. John's neighbourhood 9:29

A loose moose led police on a chase around St. John’s this morning before finally being tranquillized.

The wayward animal trotted down the eastbound lane of the Prince Philip Parkway through the Memorial University campus, and over a grassy knoll near the Arts and Culture Centre.

The moose made its way to Appledore Place, off Strawberry Marsh Road, where a conservation officer shot a tranquillizer dart at it.

The moose then hurdled fences before running down Appledore Place towards Churchill Park.

Police and conservation officers eventually placed the animal on a board there, and trucked it away.

A moose — likely the same animal — was first spotted around 6 a.m. Thursday on Craigmillar Avenue in the downtown west part of the city. It made its way down LeMarchant Road, over Empire Avenue and towards Prince of Wales Collegiate.