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Parkway Sessions: A guitar groove with Fretboard Journey

Four masters of the six-string jam together at CBC studios for our Parkway Sessions series.
The four-member group Fretboard Journey performed several songs for CBC's Parkway Sessions series. (CBC)

If you've ever seen any of these guitarists play, you've no doubt been dazzled by their technical prowess. 

When all four members of Fretboard Journey come together, it really is incredible. 

Duane Andrews, Craig Young, Sandy Morris and Gordon Quinton make up the quartet.

They came to our Studio F in St. John's for one of our Parkway Sessions series, which aired last fall on CBC Newfoundland and Labrador. 

We thought you might like to see those and other performances we've been recording, so each week we'll bring you a musical gem from a local talent. 

Click the player to enjoy Fretboard Journey's Blackberry Blossom

We hope to bring you a new performance in the Parkway Sessions every Monday evening. Stay tuned!