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Former critic of N.L. Hydro supports Muskrat Falls

Although former board member Mark Dobbin opposed Gull Island ten years ago, he now supports Muskrat Falls.

Mark Dobbin — who quit the energy company's board to protest developing Gull Island — says this project is better

David Cochrane discusses "selling Muskrat Falls" with Dave Vardy, Ron Penney and Mark Dobbin. 16:43

Mark Dobbin made waves ten years ago when he resigned from the board of Newfoundland and Labrador Hydro. 

He quit to protest then-premier Roger Grimes' plan to develop the Lower Churchill River.

But while he opposed Gull Island then, Dobbin says he supports Muskrat Falls now.

"With Muskrat Falls there's been a lot more work gone into it," he said.

"Over fifty per cent of the engineering is done. Some of the very high risk items in terms of cost have gone out and there's been a market test on those," he added.

"I think we've come so much farther, we've done so much more homework, there's a lot less risk."