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Forest fire near St. John's still deemed out of control

Fire officials say a forest fire just west of St. John's, near Cochrane Pond Park, is still classified as out of control

Forest fire

9 years ago
Duration 1:11
Scenes of a forest fire burning near Paddy's Pond 1:11

A forest fire just west of St. John's was still classified as out of control late Tuesday night.

The fire was first reported shortly after 2 p.m. Tuesday, a few kilometres south of the Trans-Canada Highway, near Cochrane Pond Park.

It forced the evacuation of numerous campers, as well as workers at the nearby Country Ribbon chicken farm.

As of late Tuesday the fire had burned about 8.5 hectares of woodland, but there were no reports of injuries or property damage.

The province's forest fire duty officer, Dan Lavigne, said while the fire hadn't grown in size, it was still listed as out of control.

He said two firefighters were keeping an eye on the scene overnight. They were to be joined by more in the morning, as well as a helicopter.

Lavigne said a water bomber could also be called back, if necessary.

And with more dry, warm weather in the forecast, he said that was a likely scenario.

Meanwhile, the forest fire was one of nine burning across the island of Newfoundland Tuesday. Seven of those were either under control or contained. The other was still classified as "out of control" near Duck Pond on the west coast.