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For sale: 40-year-old fire truck, gently used

The Margaree-Fox Roost fire department is selling its 1981 Chevrolet pickup truck, which has just more than 2,000 kilometres on it. The department hopes to use the sale money to put towards new equipment.

The Margaree-Fox Roost fire department is selling its pristine pickup with only 2,195 km

Isn't she lovely? The Margaree-Fox Roost fire department is selling its 1981 Chevrolet pickup truck. The truck, which is in mint condition, is gaining a lot of attention. (submitted by Marcelle Dominie)

If you're looking for a nearly four-decade-old fire truck in pristine condition and  a barely used odometer, the Margaree-Fox Roost Fire Department has a deal for you.

The fire department, on the island's south shore, has a bright red 1981 pickup for sale, and in nearly 40 years it's been driven only 2,195 kilometres.

With the department no longer needing the truck, Deputy Chief Marcelle Dominie has posted it for sale online, and the proceeds will be put toward new equipment.

"It was basically used for training and any fire calls, which we don't get a lot of, which is a good thing," said Dominie.

"Really in 38 years, there's probably been roughly 1,300 kilometres put on the truck."

Mint condition

That's because much of the truck's mileage was put on when the fire department purchased it from Hickman Motors in St. John's in 1981 and drove it the 900 kilometres back to the small town.

"In our little community here, there are only 350 people and there is only one main road that connects Margaree and Fox Roost. So when it's out for training or any fire calls, it's only getting a kilometre or two put on it at a time," said Dominie.

The truck is in fantastic condition for being almost four decades old, but is no longer necessary after the fire department fundraised for several years to purchase a new, better pumper truck. 

The Margaree-Fox Roost fire department doesn't need the truck now that it has purchased a newer pumper truck. (submitted by Marcelle Dominie )

"We've been applying for a new truck from our government for a very long time, without getting any funding from them. So a couple years back, our department had enough. We needed something more than a pickup truck with some pumps and hoses on it," he said.

New pumper

The community backed the fire department and supported a Chase the Ace fundraiser, bottle drives and ticket sales and they raised enough money to buy a used pumper truck from the Hantsport Fire Department in Nova Scotia. 

The new truck didn't fit in the hall, but the department was able to raise enough money to build an addition to properly house it. 

"It was all totally funded by our own selves. There was no government funding whatsoever," he said.

The fire department in the south coast community fundraised for several years to save up enough money to buy this pumper truck from the Hantsport Fire Department in Nova Scotia. (Hansport Fire Department/facebook)

The iconic old pickup truck served the community well for many years — and is part of the Canada Day and Christmas parades in the town every year — but now it's costing the department money for insurance and maintenance. 

Sealed bids

"We decided it served the community well [and] it was time to get rid of it and use that money we get from it to purchase more equipment to better serve our community," said Dominie.

The Margaree-Fox Roost fire department will receive sealed bids on the truck until June, with a minimum asking price of $5,000.

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