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Fishing crew safe in Burin after storm disables boat

The boat lost its mast and stabilizers in high winds on the Grand Banks Monday night.

'She's got a good list on her,' says skipper Les Fudge

The vessel Little Jack listing off the Burin Peninsula. (FishNL/Twitter)

The skipper and crew of a fishing boat disabled by high winds on the Grand Banks Monday night are happy to be back in port on Newfoundland's Burin Peninsula.

Skipper Les Fudge said he and his crew were aboard the Little Jack, about 120 miles from Burin, when the winds came up.

They decided to head to shore, he said, when they lost propane and in the middle of changing over the tank, the spar and stabilizers came down.

"I wasn't scared," he told CBC Radio's The Broadcast. "I always got faith."

'Buddied up' with another skipper

Luckily, there were other boats fishing in the area known as "the gully."

Fudge said another skipper "buddied up" with the Little Jack and contacted the coast guard. His own radio wasn't working.

Another vessel came out from Burin Tuesday night, and when the wind dropped, Fudge headed for shore.

He landed in Burin about 2 p.m. Wednesday, saying the experience was among the worst in his 50 years at sea.

"She's got a good list on her," he said of his boat, which is under contract to Miawpukek First Nation in Conne River.

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